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Monday Night Football gig a lifetime goal for Beth Mowins

Aug 2, 2017

Beth Mowins has been preparing since childhood for her Monday Night Football assignment on opening weekend

A year after surgery, Perez finally in good company

Aug 1, 2017

Pat Perez learns to channel his anger into his best golf

Judge in officer's second mistrial: 'Justice was done'

Jul 29, 2017

The Ohio judge who presided at the second mistrial for a white police officer in the shooting of an unarmed black motorist says the judicial system worked, despite two juries deadlocking

Artist uses Iraq refugees, war veterans in radio project

Jul 26, 2017

An Iraqi-American artist is launching a 10-part radio broadcast that features voices of Philadelphia-area Iraqi refugees, Iraq war veterans and the "Walter Cronkite of Iraq" recalling their memories of the culturally rich nation

Malaysia bans 'Despacito' on state radio, TV due to lyrics

Jul 20, 2017

Malaysia's government has banned the Spanish hit song "Despacito" on state radio and television following complains that its lyrics were obscene

BBC forced to disclose salaries of top-earning stars

Jul 19, 2017

The publicly funded BBC has been forced to publish the names and salaries of its highest-earning actors and presenters, revealing that its best-paid star, radio host Chris Evans, earns more than 2.2 million pounds ($2.9 million) a year

Bob Wolff, versatile and longtime sportscaster, dies at 96

Jul 17, 2017

Bob Wolff, the only sportscaster to call play-by-play of championships in all four major North American professional team sports, has died at 96. Wolff broadcast the NFL's championship game, World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals

The Latest: Christie takes shot at Clinton on sports radio

Jul 10, 2017

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has said on a sports radio talk show that he's relieved "we don't have a criminal in the White House like Hillary Clinton"

Florida divers, snorkelers submerge for reef music festival

Jul 8, 2017

About 400 divers and snorkelers have submerged in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for a local radio station's broadcast beneath the sea advocating reef preservation

Ex-major leaguer Piersall dies at 87; battled mental illness

Jun 4, 2017

Former major leaguer Jim Piersall, who was open about his personal struggle with mental illness, has died

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